Most of the onions came up!  And this year’s theme will be greens (plus some indoor plants)-and yay-sunflowers!


I have no words

Go to twitter.  They have much words, maybe too many.  Twitter is incestious as an activist friend said the whole left is.  Everyone is subscribed to the same people or groups.  Hysterical.  I joined because I felt guilty in not joining.  It is perhaps the best social network on the internet.

People are actually serious there.  ( Except for the haikus.)

I do not trust facebook.

O.K.  You know already what I am going to say.  Japan.  Bahrain.  Yemen, Libya.  Syria.  approval of lots of genetically engineered foods.

Gabrielle Giffords.  Wisconsin.    This year sucks massive.

O.K. Some very good things; the group I am working to help transform my city into a Transition Town.  My city is ripe for it.

We are environmentally conscious.  We are immigrant friendly.  And we love the arts.    [Why does this site think I am writing poetry

again, terrible waste of cyberspace.]  Wikileaks and the “children  of Wikileaks” the best thing since the WTO protests in Seattle.

I realize now technology must seem as a tool for good to forward protest (please note I do not believe the internet sparked “Arab Spring”

as everyone calls it; the people themselves did.)  But protest on the streets is ignored (exception-Wisconsin : ) ) or ridiculed (Bradley

Manning.)    And now even the mainstream media supports our now third war-Libya.

I want to help create a Wikileaks type multimedia, a new media that concentrates on genetically engineered foods.

In the silence, spring

Coffee and reubens comfort

I cry for freedom

It’s been a long time.

Repeat after me:  We are Bradley Manning

We are Julian Assange

We are the Egyptian protesters.

I am so so scared about genetically engineered food-it’s not food and will poison us all.  What is the point

of permaculture then.  To try to hope.  And to say the only way back from this hell hole called civilization is to

learn to farm.  Why should we be dependent on other people’s food?  What I have been learning:  I cannot depend

on permaculture and the transition town movement alone.  My latest interest which I think will largely be self-

tought-multimedia design.  I am sick of politics with a capital P but if I help draw out political activism using

technology in a good way…

I thank WikiLeaks for demanding sunshine, ” Inception’ for giving an old theme-the many worlds concept

meets questioning reality- an architectural twist.  And an old teacher of mine, M- who tought multimedia mostly

through installation art.  Sadly M- has passed away.  I hope to learn filming, journalism, guerilla art, and graphic design.

First off, I must apolojize for a number of things.  I have no exact sources these days.  If  did want to use them I seriously

do not know which source to use.  I get my news these days from Politico, Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, the Guardian UK,

Grist, BBC news, 350.org, Common Dreams (my all time favorite website), the Hill, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.  And youtube of course.

Oy vey…

The senate has passed a deeply flawed health care bill.  The senate may or may not pass a deeply flawed climate bill.  The senate will

( with all the ruckus, infighting in both parties, and hate and fear across the nation) pass an obviously flawed immigration bill.

Why does the senate not treat all bills as the same ?  Health care, climate, and immigration are deeply interconnected.

Hey Graham and Reid,  wake up, o.k.?

Health care needs single payer.  Like Medicare for all, o.k.?  Certainly better than the corporations…

The mainstream seems to think all environmentalists are for the climate bill-wrong!  The current bill as it stands is cap and trade.

As I understand it the cap will work but trading and offsetting is an open invitation to corruption.  We must have either carbon tax or

cap and dividend (this last I do not know but I hear it is better than carbon tax (cap and dividend put forth by either McKibben or Hanson–

forgive me I have forgotten which one.   I am very upset by all the concessions made to corporations such as oil and coal.  There was just a mining disaster in which many people died.  An oil rig just exploded giving out more oil than the Exxon Valdez… At least I am proud

Cape Wind was passed.

Immigration.   What Arizona has done has signed a bill condoning racism pure and simple.  It’s called profiling, I believe.  And once you recquire all people to carry documents everywhere there is the end of democracy.   Why does Arizona not ask the federal government

what it and the IMF, World Bank, and World Treaty Organization have done to aggravate the situation?  NAFTA has forced the people of

Mexico (giving corn to the US, working slave wages) to move north as they see a better life.  And sooner or later the peoples of the Global South will be moving north anyway-as climate refugees.

I would try to add links right now but it is two in the morning and I am so angry…

Another idea: “It’s the money, stupid!” right?  I get the feeling a lot of these bills are connected to money and corporations and our corrupt

government.  Well then, scrap all the bills.  I mean it.  Scrap them until we get the three trillion and more we are spending in Iraq and Afghanistan!  Maybe then  people will be more receptive.

Please respond…

um…happy new year?

Arrgghhh!  Cannot figure out why my links are gone…That was the whole point of this site.  If anyone could tell me…

   Happy new year.  GRRRR.  This gal is pissed.  With outcome of Copenhagen, healthcare, and the money for the military.

If we are even two degrees warmer than now then we are in big trouble.  We already are in big trouble but 1.5 degrees or celsius

and 350 parts per million are a  lot safer.  Filmed by Federation of Young European Greens

no Plan B…

The pan-African protest vid against the “Danish Text”  in which interests of developed countries more important.

Filmed by  Canadian Youth Delegation.

the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance